Musings, Observations and a few “Out of the Box” Points to Ponder

By Jane-Michèle Clark

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Diminished Brand Experience Will Fell Malaysian Airlines, Not Downed Planes

Bloggers, columnists and others are predicting the demise of Malaysian Airlines based on the events of March 8th and July 17th, citing erosion of trust in the brand. As discussed further on, if Malaysian Airlines fails, it will not be because of these two “incidents” (though how such loss of life can be referred to […]


Ace Hardware Campaign is Aces!

Ace Hardware’s new marketing campaign is right on the money.  Competing against the big box stores’ mega selection is tough.  Rather than apologize for its smaller size stores, Ace has turned this into an asset by introducing “Speedy Size” and a “Take Back the Weekend” campaign. The campaign focus is on the ease of getting in and […]

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The NDP’s Brand is Strong. It’s Going to Win – and It’s Going to Win Big.

When Canadians go to the polls in next week’s federal election, Liberal leaders will likely be shocked by the outcome. The average person on the street might not be surprised, but I’ll bet more than one Liberal and PC candidate will wonder what happened when they find themselves ousted by the NDP candidate in their […]

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