Musings, Observations and a few “Out of the Box” Points to Ponder

By Jane-Michèle Clark

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Diminished Brand Experience Will Fell Malaysian Airlines, Not Downed Planes

Bloggers, columnists and others are predicting the demise of Malaysian Airlines based on the events of March 8th and July 17th, citing erosion of trust in the brand. As discussed further on, if Malaysian Airlines fails, it will not be because of these two “incidents” (though how such loss of life can be referred to […]

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Train Your CSRs – Second in a Series

Tonight I had to go to an electronics store and was not really looking forward to the trip because the people in our local store are usually somewhat unfriendly. I could not, however, resist the siren call of the sale. To my pleasant surprise, I was waited on by a very friendly, polite and enthusiastic […]

tom's place

Amazing Customer Service =

500% Increase in Spend

I don’t normally go to “super sales” – you know the ones that are held at special, warehouse-like venues. Yesterday, however, was different. I was on my way home from the university and heard a radio commercial for Tom’s Place. They were holding a 4-day, designer suit sale at the International Centre. I was on […]


Train Your CSRs – First in a Series

A tale showing the importance of a) having customer service reps who speak the same language as your customers, and b) training them before you let them loose on customers. We bought two Dell computers recently. When I set up my computer I had chosen Canadian English as my language preference; this resulted in my […]

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