Musings, Observations and a few “Out of the Box” Points to Ponder

By Jane-Michèle Clark

Category: Customer Service

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Diminished Brand Experience Will Fell Malaysian Airlines, Not Downed Planes

Bloggers, columnists and others are predicting the demise of Malaysian Airlines based on the events of March 8th and July 17th, citing erosion of trust in the brand. As discussed further on, if Malaysian Airlines fails, it will not be because of these two “incidents” (though how such loss of life can be referred to […]

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When you mess up, ‘fess up

When things go off the rails (and face it, they often do in business), I believe in telling the truth…and taking accountability. When I said this once from the stage, someone in the audience shouted out (more than half seriously), “Or as much as you can without scre*ing up your relationship with the client”. In […]

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