Musings, Observations and a few “Out of the Box” Points to Ponder

By Jane-Michèle Clark


No “love”, but no “hate” either

If you have a strong brand and communicate with your audience in an assertive way, you will stand out. You will have customers who love you. You may even have prospects and other consumers who love you but are not ready to buy. You will also have people who don’t like you. That’s okay. It […]

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Diminished Brand Experience Will Fell Malaysian Airlines, Not Downed Planes

Bloggers, columnists and others are predicting the demise of Malaysian Airlines based on the events of March 8th and July 17th, citing erosion of trust in the brand. As discussed further on, if Malaysian Airlines fails, it will not be because of these two “incidents” (though how such loss of life can be referred to […]

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Profits and CSR Should Go Hand-in-Hand

Companies that “do good” outperform those with lesser commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) by 120% – 150%* Customers of all kinds (B2B and B2C), in all countries, are becoming increasingly socially-conscious and, increasingly, are starting to make buying decisions with an eye to how the companies behind the brand treat the planet, their people, […]

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Stand up and Be Counted!

Brands must boldly declare who they are and what they stand for. In response to the economic crisis of the last decade, many companies tried to cast a wider net by appealing to just about everyone. With multiple marques in a category doing similarly, the lines between the brands blurred – so much so in […]

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